Cloud Infrastructure, Houston

The Business’ Need:

CoreServ is a Houston-based business providing exterior cleaning solutions that improve the preservation and presentation of real estate holdings. To help this new business start off on the right foot, Elevated Technologies stepped in to provide a full infrastructure set-up. By working closely with the client to determine their current technology, capability requirements, and future goals, we were able to determine the best technology systems that would allow them to function smoothly and grow steadily.

Our Solution:

Bringing all of CoreServ’s technology up to modern capabilities included migrating their POP3 e-mail solution to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange for improved storage and modern features. We also migrated all of their data from an onsite server running Server 2003 to a full cloud-based solution. This allows them to enjoy 24/7/365 connectivity from anywhere in the world, as well as increased security and data backup functions.

Elevated Technologies also took over the company’s local network and upgraded their firewall, wireless access point, and installed a gigabit switch. This was a huge upgrade from their previous home-based router with built in wifi and a 10/100 switch. Going forward, we will also be providing their continued IT support, to ensure that they are able to focus on growing their business without the worries of their technology. CoreServ is now able to use their modern technology to help their everyday tasks and long-term growth function smoothly and efficiently.