Affordable IT Service, Houston

The Strategy:

In partnering with Lark Heat Treating, we mapped out a plan that would speed up their network while lowering the costs they were paying out of pocket for their current IT service. Our mission was to stabilize their LAN and improve their IT infrastructure with a flexible system that could grow with the needs of the massive company. 


In applying our elevated standards to their set up, we easily utilized the equipment they currently owned to greatly increase the speed of their network while also significantly lowering their overall IT costs, providing them an affordable, speedy IT service. In addition to this, we virtualized their IT network to grant them broader business capabilities, removing the need for sizable expensive hardware. 


By installing a networking system capable of expanding as wide and rapidly as this Houston business, Lark Heat Treating is now able to enjoy a network with reliable health monitoring, business continuity, and optimum protection against security threats. All features being a necessity for any rapidly growing Houston business. Now Lark Heat Treating enjoys smooth running technical operation and an affordable, responsive, and flexible networking solution.