IT Infrastructure, Houston

The Business’ Need:

Patriot Freight Group is a custom transportation and logistic solutions company in Houston that specializes in freight shipping. The company came to Elevated Technologies as a fresh startup company looking for assistance in constructing their IT infrastructure from scratch. In a transport business, the proper IT infrastructure is essential to ensure operations run smoothly and communication is not compromised. Patriot is a company that believes in providing custom solutions to each customer, so Elevated Technologies set out to build a custom solution for their business.

Our Solution:

Elevated Tech went to work determined to help Patriot become fully-operational in as little time as possible. Our team of Houston-based IT support experts set up an entirely new network for the fast-growing startup to ensure that they would have plenty of room to grow into the technology. Our IT security specialists know how vital IT security is to a business, so we made sure that Patriot was set up with a robust new firewall. In addition, our team was able to repurpose some of the company’s older workstations so that they would be put to great use in a new IT supported environment.


In a matter of days, Elevated Tech was able to completely build IT infrastructure for this transportation company, allowing them to to start their new business on a path toward prolonged success with excellence in IT support services.