Cloud Computing Services, Houston

Give your business room to grow

Discover the benefits offered by cloud based services: a powerful, adaptive, and trouble-free platform for your Houston business at a low startup cost. Removing the stress of software updates, server hardware, anti-virus management, and data backup while adding the flexibility of cloud storage can open new doors for your business to grow. Cloud technology allows virtualized servers to deliver the power and performance of dedicated servers, while providing greater flexibility and scalability for your Houston business to evolve and grow.

What is Cloud Storage?

With Private Cloud Infrastructure, your Houston business can use a virtual server, desktop computer, or remote storage from the cloud. In other words, cloud storage providers such as Elevated Technologies gives you a remote data center, where it manages the infrastructure, servers, and virtualization of your data, and you simply access your virtual files using the internet, giving you access anywhere, anytime. In addition, with private cloud services, you know exactly what resources are available at all times to handle spikes in web application traffic. We offer complete cloud storage management and IT support for your cloud hosting services, all at a fixed monthly fee.

Additional Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

  • Faster responses to changing business conditions or internal customer needs through the ability to quickly and easily adjust the system for scaling up or down
  • Productivity increases as access to your applications and data is available from anywhere
  • Reduced costs for hardware acquisition, maintenance, data center real estate, power and cooling versus dedicated servers

Experience Cloud Technology in Houston

You’re looking for the best cloud storage for your Houston business, and we want to provide you with cloud based services that you can trust and rely on. To securely backup your data and enjoy convenient access to your data, contact Elevated Technologies and learn what we can do for your Houston business.