CompTIA Security – Who Should You Trust?

When it comes to your business critical data, this is an extremely important question to ask! Data is the essential piece of the puzzle that keeps you in business. You have to trust that it will be treated with confidentiality and best business practices of the IT industry.  Are you going to trust a company that tells you how awesome they are or are you going to trust a company that shows you with third party, industry specific endorsements? Read on and decide for yourself. Continue reading

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers


  • Smart Watches – Provides relevant information when and where you want it
  • Google Glass –  Access information like email and texts, take hands free pictures and videos, effortlessly translate your voice, and even receive overlaid walking, cycling or driving directions with within your field of vision.
  • Narrative Clip – Life logging wearable camera that shoots a single geotagged frame every 30 seconds. It holds 4,000 frames. Small 1.5 inches square.
  • AnyGlove – Solution made specifically to work with touchscreens makes any pair of gloves touch screen responsive

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N-Able Global Summit Expert Panel

N-Able Technologies and MSPmentor Invite Elevated Technologies to Participate In Expert Panel

October, 2013: Elevated Technologies is pleased to announce its participation in a 3 person expert panel to discuss cloud computing. President of Elevated Technologies, Jason Rorie, will contribute in examining how cloud services benefit business and how IT companies can best offer these services to their clients. The cloud panel will be conducted at the N-Able Global Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 23-25. The 9th annual partner summit event is designed for networking among the world’s top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and provides valuable insight into network automation and cloud computing information for 2014.  There are an estimated 600-700 IT Industry professionals attending this event. Continue reading

Introducing CHAMP cloud hosting


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CHAMP is the industry expert when it comes to Cloud Services and technical knowledge. He is our Cloud Hosting And Management Professional who works hard every minute to stay up to date on ever-changing IT trends, technological advancements, and industry news to help your business generate efficiency and produce more revenue.

He has come to Elevated Technologies to ensure that our customers are armed with valuable and necessary IT information to make profitable decisions within their businesses. If there is a particular topic or question on the tip of your tongue, feel free to ask CHAMP! Aligning with CHAMP for industry news and advancements will push you to the top of your field and set you apart from your competition.

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Elevated Technologies Among Top Global MSPs

September 11, 2013: Elevated Technologies is pleased to announce their place on Nine Lives Media’s MSPmentor 100 Small Business Edition.  The list honors the world’s top 100 managed service providers (MSPs) that have 10 or fewer employees. Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton Media, defines emerging IT markets, disrupts established media markets and is the number one online media destination for managed service providers in the world.  Elevated Tech is now ranked as one of the top global MSPs with 10 or fewer employees! Elevated Technologies offers custom Cloud computing and Managed IT solutions that fit the needs of developing businesses. Continue reading

2013: Primed for Innovation

So we’ve survived the Mayan Apocalypse, weathered the holidays and right about now that New Years hangover should be subsiding.   No?  Well, if your brain can stand the bright glare of the monitor for a few more minutes, check out some of these modern insights into 2013 that may help take your mind off…well…your mind.  Onto the newest innovations that are set to explode in 2013 (sorry for the loud imagery). Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons for Going Cloud in 2013

If you keep up with technology trends, spend time on the internet or simply watch TV that’s littered with ads about it, you’ve heard of the Cloud. And if you’re like the majority of the population, most likely you’ve found yourself thinking, “Okay…it seems cool, but what are the real benefits?”  A lot of professionals have found the following reasons to be the best answers to that question after implementing at least some variation of the Cloud (private infrastructure, email hosting, offsite backups, etc.) into their network infrastructure. Continue reading